Why riddles are important for kids

Riddles can be fun and good exercise for brain. Riddle plays major role in life and increases understanding of the world in the world where social media is becoming part of kids, it is necessary to teach children to create bonds with outside of internet. Riddles are the best solution. Riddles are good for children in many ways. Benefits for children are as mentioned

Bonding with parents

Children usually develop behavioral problems if their parents don’t talk to them much. Teaching riddles to children gives them a fun way of bond with their parents. If parents give riddles to kids then kids are afraid to give answer and kids become confident in expressing themselves.

Helps to think more

Riddles improve kids thinking ability and make brain stronger.  It increases their memory and focus. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are two most important skills that are required and riddle helps to develop both in kids.

Improves vocabulary

Riddles like crossword helps to improve vocabulary. Riddles make kids to think more about words that they are not able to understand. Riddles give words a great deal of context which makes it easier for children to learn. Riddles force kids to ask more questions about words they don’t understand.

Improves reading

Everybody can read but this doesn’t mean they can understand because some matter is very complex. Riddle improve reading skills like if kid want to share with other people, he must fully understand the riddle first.

Makes happy

Nothing is more precious than a child’s laughter. It helps to reduce stress, relaxes the brain and makes them feel good. Riddles are like game for them if they solve the riddle it is like they have won the game so it makes them happy. Riddles can entertain a child and get his brain working at the same time.

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